IAH: INTERNET WAR is Turn-based strategy meets real-time battles. Explore the internet, fight enemies, and create bots. Play your way with a cursor, controller, or code.

The IAH PORTAL is like a helpful website that you can use alongside the game, kind of like a remote control that works in real time.

To create the ultimate algorithmic eSports game for programmers and non-techies alike. Play the game, become inspired and motivated, and start learning programming using IAH as a medium.

Game Gif, shows combat bots fighting each other Game Gif, shows combat bots fighting each other

IAH: INTERNET WAR is being Developed by Vitali Kirpu Productions located in Finland.

Mission Statement
The aim is to inspire and incentivize everyone worldwide by promoting programming as entertainment by creating a platform where programmers, hackers, and their scripts are seen as e-sports idols. We are making a game that anyone can play without programming skills, but we are extending the game by allowing those inspired to expand its functionality by using any programming language and incentivizing everyone in a process with sponsored e-sports leagues.

But there is more; imagine a scenario where real-world cyber crime could be reduced because the hackers would be busy fighting each other in a sandbox that fulfills their fantasies without harming anyone. This is worth pursuing.

Key Dates
IAH // PC Full Release: 2024 (Steam).

Steam Page: Link

Logo/Screenshots/Gifs: Zip File Link (22mb)