IAH: INTERNET WAR has a multiplayer mode for programmers and mouse users. Participants can use any programming language or input method, like a basic mouse, and create their own AI algorithms to compete in sponsored tournaments.

IAH Competitive Multiplayer is a game like no other. There are no rules, and anyone can play, regardless of their experience or skill level. What really counts is your input method and the results you produce. This is the RTS Revolution, where the smartest player could very well be a smart fridge!

To enter the world of Competitive Multiplayer, you need to purchase a license for your region, which will give you access to tournaments. If you want to take your gameplay to the next level with programming, you will need to get API access.

Winning a tournament is no small feat, and you will be rewarded for your skills with a monetary prize. You can choose to withdraw your winnings to your bank account or a popular cryptocurrency wallet. Depending on your skill level, you may even be able to automate the entire competitive gameplay to a single console window.

Participating in competitive tournaments is an excellent opportunity for players to showcase their skills. Sponsors can also benefit from this by connecting with talented players like you.

Winning a sponsored tournament not only rewards you financially but also puts you in the spotlight. Don't miss out on this chance to make a name for yourself.

  • CustomizationBuild a team of customizable bots by using specific tags to determine their characteristics and deploy them in automated matches.
  • Automation Create automated scripts for algorithmic multiplayer across various devices.
  • Tournaments Explore the Tournament page to find information about ongoing tournaments worldwide and their payout settings, and participate in inclusive competitions that promote competitive programming.
  • Payouts You can earn USD$ by winning competitive tournaments, and once you win, you can cash out your winnings.
  • CodeThe creation of high-quality code provides a competitive edge. Collaboration in groups or organizations is also possible.