Brand Aligment Policy

At Vitali Kirpu Productions, we understand the significance of a strong and consistent brand identity. We value our partnerships and collaborations with other brands and organizations. Just as we maintain the integrity of our own brand, we also commit to respecting and aligning with the brand identities and values of our partner brands. This is essential for fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships.


When engaged in co-branding initiatives with partners, it is crucial that both brands are represented accurately and cohesively. Co-branded materials should be developed in a manner that respects the identity and values of both brands.

Brand Collaboration Guidelines

We will work closely with our partner brands to establish clear guidelines and expectations for brand alignment in joint ventures, marketing campaigns, and any collaborative efforts. These guidelines will ensure that the values and image of both brands are harmoniously represented. In short, we will try our best to present information to the general public in a way that only focuses on one partner at a time.

Partner Brand Approval

Prior to the use of a partner's brand elements in any joint initiatives, we will seek approval from the respective partner to confirm alignment and compliance with their brand guidelines. This ensures that we maintain a respectful and collaborative approach.

Communicating Alignment

In our communications and interactions with partner brands, we will emphasize the importance of brand alignment, mutual respect, and the value of our partnerships. Open and transparent communication will be essential to foster strong and enduring relationships.

Adapting to Partner Brand Values

In cases where partner brand values may differ from ours, we will approach the collaboration with sensitivity and a willingness to adapt while staying true to our core values.

Monitoring and Review

We will continuously monitor and review our collaborations with partner brands to ensure that both parties are aligned, and adjustments are made if needed to maintain a mutually beneficial partnership. By respecting partner brands and fostering brand alignment in our collaborations, we aim to build trust, enhance our joint marketing efforts, and create a seamless experience for our customers and stakeholders.