IAH: INTERNET WAR provides various B2B features that can help businesses increase their exposure and engagement. These features include brand integration, sponsorships, regional influence expansion, an ambassador program, and a Student League designed specifically for academic institutions and students. Choose IAH to take your brand to new heights.

Service Information
IAH Integration
    For Game/Product Developers: We Integrate your product within IAH so that you can enjoy ongoing brand awareness exposure.
Sponsor Partnerships
    For Brands: Become a sponsor and be part of something new and exciting.
Regional Host
    For eSports Organizations: Grow your regional influence with IAH.
Ambassador Program
    For Influencers: Become an IAH evangelist and join the ambassador program as an individual.
Student League
    For Education Institutions: Universities and Schools compete in the Student League ; schools obtain prestige and students employment opportunities, certification and skill.
Deep Learning
    For Researchers & Education Institutions: IAH: INTERNET WAR as Deep Learning Sandbox for student education and research.*
* Requires Partnership License.