Turn-Based Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
IAH: INTERNET WAR is a futuristic strategy game where you can play using programming language or computer mouse.

Engage in endless internet battles against AI or other players.

Participate in tournaments and stand a chance to win prizes that can change your life..

  • Upgrade Your Bots Customize your bots with one million options and gain an advantage in battle. Command your upgraded bots to victory in the cyber battlefield..
  • Diverse Bot ArsenalControl a diverse range of over 100 bots, each with distinct roles and abilities. Engage in real-time tactical battles that blend turn-based pacing.
  • Sandbox ModeYou can use Sandbox Mode to test your skills without any connection to the main game. This mode allows you to spawn units, manipulate tiles, and create custom challenges, making it an ideal platform to improve your AI scripts for IAH's algorithmic multiplayer..
  • Script VS Human Engage in multiplayer battles with flexible rules using either API or mouse to outsmart AI or player opponents..