Futuristic cyberpunk hacker RTS game: Create your own bot AI using any programming language or play with a mouse.

Rogue-lite RTS arcade mode with plenty of depth and replayability.
Two teams compete in tactical, round-based matches. There are no rules regarding the number of players in the teams or how the bots are controlled. The opposing team must be defeated.
Tournament Engine Multiplayer matches in IAH are organized through a highly scalable tournament system that can cover all continents and regions worldwide.

Rewards are sponsored by companies seeking to promote their brands or hire skilled programmers.

Players can acquire transferable skills that extend beyond gaming.
Programmers, Students and Schools The Student League offers students the opportunity to compete individually for their school in external and internal programming competitions, providing valuable experience and networking opportunities. Schools and universities can enhance their reputation and academic excellence by joining the competitive ladder, allowing their students to represent them.

Incorporating AI programming and game development into the curriculum can inspire students. This initiative promotes deeper engagement in learning and prepares students for future success in the tech world.

We support any IDE, programming language, and method of execution, whether live or pre-compiled.
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